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US Silt & Site Supply manufactures a diverse variety of Silt Fence styles to suit a wide range of Federal, State, municipal and private requirements.

Our Silt Fence combines the finest sediment control fabrics available secured to solid hardwood pencil point posts with heavy duty, wide crown staples. We are well known and respected throughout the industry for our high quality and low cost, combined with quick delivery and prompt, knowledgeable customer service.

We also produce custom configurations including steel wire mesh backed, plastic mesh backed, drawcord, washer & lathe reinforced, biodegradable, orange color, metal T-post, fabric only rolls, loose posts and printed logo silt fence.

Whether you use just a few rolls at a time or multiple trailer loads on a steady basis, economy grade or DOT approved models, US Silt & Site Supply can fulfill your silt fencing requirements. Call us to see why so many have chosen US Silt Supply as their Silt Fencing source.
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