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US Silt & Site Supply offers several styles of Safety Fence from high density extruded polyethylene Plastic Safety Fence to woven polypropylene fabric or Hi-Vu Barrier Fence.

Available in OSHA orange, natural green and other colors, itís light weight and ease of installation make it a great choice for all restricted areas, public events, crowd control and construction sites. Call us to discuss our variety of Safety Fence options and see why so many companies rely on US Silt & Site Supply for their Safety Fence requirements.

Also, ask about our T-Post/Rebar Caps specially designed to safely hold plastic fence on metal supports.
Models available in these colors
Silt Fence
Safety Fence
Geotextile Fabrics
Erosion Control Logs
Erosion Control Blankets
Coconut Matting
Filter Bags / Dirt Bags
Inlet Protection Bags
Grade Stakes
Rebar Caps
Ice Melt
Snow Fence
Tree Saver / Hi-Vu Fabric
Straw Wattles
Turbidity Curtains
Also available with
Metal T-Posts.

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